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Desmeules Électropeintre is a specialized enterprise in electrostatic painting in Montreal and North Shore. If you are in the commercial sector, for all your painting jobs on metal surfaces, don’t neglect quality and do business with a company that have more than 25 years of experience and who are members of APCHQ.

Electrostatic paint has many advantages for the commercial sector. Its dry quickly to not slowing your business. It has a really good durability and ensure an optimal protection while giving a modern look to your installations. Enhance customer experience by having repaint your metal surfaces by professionals.


Enhance your business front door with electrostatic painting services

Your business front door gives the first impression of your enterprise to customers. For this reason, it’s essential that the exterior painting job is made with professionalism. Electrostatic paint offers a modern and clean look on all your metal installations. Our works is reliable and we only work with high-quality materials.

Repaint your commercial counters

You don’t want to neglect your metal counter look. All your transactions between your customers and your business are made on your counter. Desmeules Électropeintre ensure that your counters are perfect by using proven electrostatic painting methods. Your counters will be protected.

Protect your strongbox with electrostatic paint

Your strongbox keeps your most precious goods and your money safe. Protect your strongbox like it protects you by calling Desmeules Électropeintre. Our team will apply a paint that will protect your metal strongbox.  

Be assured to have perfect fenestrations on your business

At Desmeules Électropeintre, we think that details make all the difference. In addition to your clean windows, make sure your metal fenestrations are also perfect. Our company ensures that your commercial fenestrations make a wow effect by taking each detail in consideration.

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For all your metal surfaces painting jobs in the commercial sector, do business with Desmeules Électropeintre. We offer a custom service that suits all your needs and we go to your location on Montreal and North Shore.