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Desmeules Électropeintre is a painting company that use electrostatic powder technic for metal surfaces. The enterprise does business with all sectors: residential, commercial and industrial and provide a personal service to each customer. Desmeules Électropeintre is located at Laval but expanse its client base in Greater Montreal and the North Shore. The company is open all day of the week but does not offer night service.


Why choosing electrostatic painting for your metal surfaces?

Electrostatic painting, also called electromagnetic painting, is applied with an ingenious process with a paint gun loaded with static electricity. We start by applying a positive electric charge on the surface and a negative charge on the paint. This way, the paint is naturally attracted by the surface to be painted, which reduces the rate of paint in the air and on other surfaces.

The advantages to use electrostatic painting

The application process of the electrically charged paint increases the adhesion of the paint particles to the surface. This method saves money because paint that has not adhered is recovered. The finish is thicker and grant a better resistance. Cleaning the painted surface is easier. The technic emits no solvent emission and is approved by the CNESST.    

All our electrostatic painting services offered

All our painting services are done with high quality service, whether you are from residential, commercial or industrial sectors. Here all the services we offer by sectors:

For residential sector, we offer electrostatic painting on metal surfaces for home gates, garage gates, home furniture and fenestrations.

For commercial sector, we propose an electrostatic painting job on the business front door, metal counters, strongbox and fenestrations.

For industrial sector, we provide electrostatic painting services for elevator doors, locker room, metal stairs, garage gates and the strongbox.

Call us now at (450) 975-0512 for more information. We always provide a personal service that is all adapted to suit your needs.

Entrust your painting job to Desmeules Électropeintre and benefit from all these advantages

Les travaux de peinture bien réalisés durent des années si vous faites affaire avec des professionnels. Desmeules Électropeintre a su se démarquer de la concurrence et vous fait profiter de plusieurs avantages :
Benefit from an experience of more than 25 years in the field
A 100% guaranteed job.
Benefit from a top quality and reliable services.
Offer yourself a fully customized services to meet all your needs.

An on-road services, we come directly to your location.

Don’t make compromise on the quality and aim for a winning company for your painting jobs at Desmeules Électropeintre. Our contractors are certificated by RBQ and are members of the APCHQ.

Entrust us your painting jobs and contact us now for a free quote

Contact Desmeules Électropeintre for a professional electrostatic painting job on metal surfaces. Whether you are located in Greater Montreal or on the North Shore, entrust your work to a team that has proven itself. We offer the cost estimate for free.