Electrostatic painting services in Montreal and North-Shore

Desmeules Électropeintre is specialized in electrostatic painting on metal surfaces. Whether it is for residential, commercial or industrial sector, the enterprise comes directly to your place quickly. Located in Laval, the company also offer their services in Montreal and the North-Shore.


All the electrostatic painting services we offer

Desmeules Électropeintre do buisness since 1990. We offer many painting services to accommodate all your needs.

For residential sector we can paint home gates, metal furniture, garage gates and the fenestration.

For commercial sector we can paint business front door, metal counters, strongbox and the fenestration.

For industrial sector we can paint elevator doors, locker room, metal staircases, garage gates and the strongbox.

Desmeules Électropeintre inc. now offer painting in the workshop, as well as Sand blast or sandblasting!

Contact Desmeules Électropeintre right now to talk about your project with our experts. It would be a pleasure to answer all your questions and to find a solution that suits you.

All the reasons why to choose Desmeules Électropeintre for your metal painting project

Trust Desmeules Électropeintre and benefit from a proven 25 years expertise. The company offers many advantages.

Work is always 100% guaranteed. We ensure that all the works meet your expectation and that you are satisfied.

A quality that overpass your expectations. Our team is reputed for its reliability and we always try to overpass your expectations.

We use quality paints and we provide a wide range of paint colours.

Our service is fully customized which ensure projects at your image


All our contractors are APCHQ members and possess the RBQ

Call us quickly at (450) 975-0512 to get a free estimate and to talk about your projects with us.

Contact Desmeules Électropeintre right now and get a free estimate

For more information on our work:


Email info@electropeintre.ca

Administration and accounting:

Email admin@electropeintre.ca

Residential quote:

Email residential@electropeintre.ca

Commercial quote:

Email commerciale@electropeintre.ca

If you wish to have a fine metal paint work by a professional team, contact Desmeules Électropeintre right now. The company will come directly to your place on all the North-Shore and Montreal area.

Contact Desmeules Électropeintre right now and get a free estimate.