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Desmeules Électropeintre is a professional painting enterprise that is specialized in electrostatic painting. For industrial sector, this type of paint has many advantages. Low cost and with a fast-drying time, electrostatic paint is perfect for your metal installations. It provides a more resistant finish and can be clean easily.

Aim on efficiency and on cost reduction by doing business with a company that has forged its reputation since 1990.



Repaint your elevator doors quickly with expert electrostatic painters

Wear can tarnish the painting of elevator doors. To ensure that the metal cladding is protected from frequent use and weather, have your lift door repaint. Electrostatic painting dries quickly and offers a good metal surfaces protection.

Enhance your locker room aspect with electrostatic painting

Provide a pleasant work environment for your employees by enhancing the look of your locker room. We have a wide range of paint colours to give a new personality to your locker room.

Keep your garage gates clean and impeccable

Avoid garage gates early wear caused by extreme seasons and entrust Desmeules Électropeintre. We use an electrostatic powder coating process that has the advantage of being resistant and inexpensive. We provide a wide range of painting colours to ensure that you have the finish of your choice. Electrostatic painting is easy to clean.

Improve your metal staircase durability with Desmeules Électropeintre

Stairs are solicited by your employees and signs of wear can appear quickly. Electrostatic painting has the advantage of being stronger with a thicker finish than other types of paint. It is therefore ideal for protecting your metal stairs.

Apply protective electrostatic painting on your strongbox

Keep your strongbox in good condition, making sure that the finish is perfect. Choose from a wide range of colours to repaint your strongbox and to ensure a long-lasting durability.

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For all your metal surfaces painting jobs in the industrial sector, entrust your contract to an APCHQ member company. Our painters are professional, and we have more than 25 years of experience in painting. We provide our services in Montreal and on the North Shore.