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Are you looking for a specialized electrostatic painting contractor in the area of Montreal and North Shore? For all your metal painting jobs at home, trust a reliable company that guarantee their works A to Z.

Desmeules Électropeintre use electrostatic painting methods that are made to work on metal surfaces. Electrostatic painting allows a fast drying and a uniform finish. Paint does not spread on nearby objects. This paint type is perfect for furniture restoration and to enhance your house. Desmeules Électropeintre let you choose from a wide range of colours and provide a custom service.


Home gates painting with electrostatic painting technic

Electrostatic painting is ideal to repaint your metal home gates. Repaint your doors with our cutting-edge methods that ensure you a uniform finish and superior durability. With our extreme temperature in Quebec, it’s essential that your home gates resist.

Metal furniture restoration in Montreal with electrostatic painting

Revamp your old metal furniture with our electrostatic painting services. Whether it is for ornamental or functional furniture, entrust your restoration jobs to us and give your furniture a modern look. Drying is faster than with any other type of paint to allow you to enjoy your furniture quickly.

Garage gates electrostatic painting

A well finish garage gate enhances your home aesthetic aspects. Electrostatic paint has the advantage to adhering uniformly to the surface that has to be painted. Its resist far longer than any other type of paint which ensures a long-lasting clean effect.

Fenestrations painting with electrostatic paint

Fenestrations paint jobs are delicate. Electrostatic painting guaranteed you a perfect finish and a well-done job. The paint spray application method provides a long-lasting resistance.

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Entrust your electrostatic painting job to a reputed enterprise that a certificated by the RBQ. All our services are guaranteed, and our enterprise has just made satisfied customers since its foundation in 1990. We come directly to your place and we do the job quickly. Whether you are in Montreal or on the North Shore, trust Desmeules Électropeintre.